Plumbing Repair



Unfortunately when a customer needs a plumbing repair they are usually very eager to just get their busted water line or blocked garbage disposal fixed quickly. This sense of urgency can sometimes lead to poor decisions like watching do it yourself videos and trying to fix it without the assistance of a professional.

Tex Flex Plumbing is easy to work with and ready to help diagnose and solve your plumbing repair needs.
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Consider calling Tex Flex Plumbing for an inspection of your home's plumbing and prevent costly and inconvenient repairs.


Dripping Faucets
Ignoring a dripping faucet can turn a simple repair into a major costly repair. No job is too small for Tex Flex Plumbing. Give us a call today and we will schedule a time to come repair your dripping faucets which saves water and protects your sinks and tubs from the damage a dripping faucet can cause.

Leaking Toilets
If your toilet continues to run after the flush cycle has completed it may be the cause of your high water bills. Or if you see water around the bottom of your toilet you may have a leak. Give Tex Flex Plumbing a call today to repair your leaking toilets.

Clogged Toilets
Most people think a clogged toilet just needs a plunger but the best way to unclog a toilet depends on what is clogging your toilet. Call Tex Flex Plumbing today for help with your clogged toilets.

Tubs & Showers
If you have tub that doesn't drain quickly or a leaky shower head in your shower we recommend getting those minor repairs done before they become major problems. 

Kitchen Sinks
The kitchen sink is used many times a day in most homes and over time can begin to not work properly. Call Tex Flex Plumbing today to get your kitchen sink working like new again.

Blocked Garbage Disposals
A blocked garbage disposal can be a bit inconvenience for any homeowner. Don't just live with a broken garbage disposal - call Tex Flex Plumbing to come repair or unblock your disposal today.

Leaking Hose Bibs
Especially in the winter, a leaking hose bib can be a major problem. Be sure to do an inspection of all of your exterior faucets and call Tex Flex Plumbing if any of them are leaking.

Water Heater Elements
There are many do it yourself guides for replacing a broken water heater element but we recommend calling a professional like master plumber Jason Rikard with Tex Flex Plumbing.

Drain Cleaning
Many people use baking soda and vinegar to clean a drain but if this doesn't clear the bad smell then you may need further investigation to find the cause. Call Tex Flex Plumbing for help.

Water Line Freeze Breaks
The winter in Texas can be quite unpredictable. If you get caught off guard with a hard freeze that breaks your water line, call Tex Flex Plumbing for the repair. 


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